Impro System Workshop, July 14th

With Theresa Robbins Dudeck Ph.D.

You’ve probably heard of Theatresports or of the Theatresports-inspired television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? But did you know that most of the impro methods used in these popular entertainments originated from the work Keith Johnstone developed for/with professional actors at the Royal Court Theatre in the 1960s? In this introduction to Johnstone’s unique system of impro training, participants will engage in several of his most popular games, exercises, and techniques. This workshop is for theatre artists of all levels and for anyone who is interested in acquiring a better understanding of how impro tools can support the performance process, inspire characters and good narratives.

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New Classes Starting in September

Improv Fundamentals starting April 30th Next September

Learn to play again! The ideas that make improvisation work, make life work.  It is all about listening deeply to your partner, saying yes and the fun of creating a new reality out of thin air with your partner. Join us for a no-stress exploration of play and divergent thinking. 4 weeks of fun on Monday evenings from 7 - 9 pm.  Reserve your space at: Experience it On-Line You can Call Oly Parks and Arts to sign up in late March. 360.753.8380

Intro to Improv Class Resources

Improv Scene work starting next November

Learn the joy of creating real relationship based scenes out of thin air and the connection with your partner  (5 classes total).

Information on Summer workshops coming soon!