the collaborators present "in transit" April 20th!

in transit, photo drawing of downtown Olympia Transit station

Join us April 20th, 7:45 pm @The Olympia Center, Room 100

in transit is a new Long Form Improv format and a not necessarily funny wild ride April 20th at the Olympia Center. You'll see a cast of bus stop characters who meet and interact while waiting for the bus to take them to their destination. When you've met all of the characters, you'll have an opportunity to choose the ones you would like to learn more about. We'll explore whoever you choose in open scene format to conclude the evening.

It is unhurried, relationship based improv discovered in the moment. There's up to 50 seats available for this performance.  Please reserve yours on the form below. Cost for each seat is $5 cash at the door.

April 20th, 7:45 PM, Room 100
The Olympia Center
222 Columbia Ave NW
Olympia, WA
Call Daniel at 360-481-5989 for further information.