the collaborators live rehearsal March 23rd!

collage of photos of the collaborators in their youth and present day

You're invited to our "Live Rehearsal", March 23rd

We've been working on a new Long Form Improv format we'd like your help with. You'll see a cast of bus stop characters who meet and interact while waiting for the bus to take them to their destination. When you've met all of the characters, you'll have an opportunity to choose the ones you would like to learn more about. We'll explore whoever you choose in open scene format to conclude the evening. We hope you'll stick around and help us refine what we're doing as we work toward some public performances in future months.

Unhurried, relationship based improv that's not always funny. It's spontaneous theatre that takes risks and tries to be as honest and as funny as life. 

There's only 20 seats available for the rehearsal so reserve yours on the form below. Thanks and we'll see you there.

March 23rd, 7:30 PM, Room 103
The Olympia Center
222 Columbia Ave NW
Olympia, WA